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Nama Jenama Dipercayai Amerika

Resellers: Retailers, Wholesalers & Drop Shippers Wanted.

Toll Free: 1-888-492-0221

100% Virgin Hair Bundles

  • Why is the hair getting tangled?
    The reason why the hair tangled is dryness, cold water and oil etc. Please wash & condition your hair as least once a week, twice a week will be better. Comb the hair lightly from top to the end, or consult your stylist for more help.
  • How long does the hair last?
    Treat it as your own hair, and take very good care with it, it will keep over 1 year.
  • How long send the goods?
    Normally, within 48 hours after the payment made.
  • How many bundle can I get on one order?
    One unit one bundle,100 grams,you can choose how many bundle you want.
  • How to care for your hair?
    Wash your hair once or twice a week. Soak the hair with clean and warm water in 5 minutes, use a mild shampoo, Rinse and leave to be dry. Comb the hair with a wire brush after dry. Don’t make the hair under the blazing sun for a long time. Don’t blow the hair with the hair drier, let it dry naturally.
  • Can the hair be dyed or curled?
    Yes, you can dye or curl the virgin hair by yourself. However, if you dye or curl it improperly, it is easy to make the hair be tangle or dry.
  • Do you provide samples?
    Yes, We Do Have Samples Available For Purchase At A Slight Discount.
  • What payment options do you have?
    We Accept Credit Cards, Paypal, And Bank Wire Transfer. We May Require Additional Informaiton For New Wholesale Customers.
  • Can I sell your hair on my website?
    Yes, You Can Sell On Your Own Site As Long As You Are Not Selling The Hair Branded As BELLISHE Hair.
  • Where does your hair ship from?
    All Wholesale Orders Are Shipped From Our Warehouse In China.
  • Can I sell your hair as my own brand?
    Yes, You Can Private Label The Hair You Buy From Us With Your Own Brand.
  • I just started by business, can I apply?"
    Yes, we would love to support your new business ventures. Please apply!

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